A Guide To Colouring The Eyebrows

A person’s outlook changes when they change the eyebrows’ colour. When you change the eyebrow to match the colour of your hair, the facial appearance will look more balanced. If you have sparsely placed eyebrows and want to make them look dense, you can consider colouring them in a dark shade. However, if you are the confident type, you can consider different colours.

A Guide To Colouring The Eyebrows

Regardless of the option above or the appearance you want, it is critical to know how to go about it. We will guide you through the process of colouring your eyebrows to ensure you get the best results. Below are the significant steps to do it;

The Preparation

The most critical thing to do is to find the perfect dye for the transformation. It is beneficial to consider natural products as they are favourable to the skin and eyes. Avoid the permanent ones that people use to colour the eyes. There are several options, and you can consider how long do henna brows last to decide.

It is vital to factor in the rate at which the eyebrows grow when you plan to change their appearance. The henna brows blend naturally with the growing hair and are the best option if your eyebrows grow fast.

The Application

Clean the area with soap and water to ensure you get the best results with the application. The skin needs to be dry, and you should wipe the skin properly to eliminate dirt or facial oil. Also, you should not apply the dye when on makeup.

If the skin is sensitive, you need to select products that do not hurt, and you can stick to a brand you used before. The natural options will probably have no effect, and it is why you need to consider the henna brows.  Also, ensure the eyes do not contact the products by applying the products in small quantities.

It would be best to use petroleum to mark the outline so that you do not get outside the area you intend to apply. Furthermore, the product will prevent the dye from colouring the unwanted parts. It eliminates the need of having to clean the area after finishing the procedure. The work will be clumsy if you apply the dye without taking the necessary steps. So, it is beneficial to take all the precautions. You can read the instructions on the dye to know the best way to use the product. Alternatively, the DIY videos on digital media platforms can offer step-to-step instructions if you need to see the practical work.

A Guide To Colouring The Eyebrows

Tips to a Successful Procedure

The kit you purchase for the process should have all the necessary tools to undertake the procedure. After applying the dye thoroughly through the eyebrows, it will require a few minutes to dry. The standard time is between five to seven minutes, and you can clean the dye with some water. Ensure you use a mirror during the procedure and are in a well-lit room so that you do not miss some spots.