5 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Taking 2022 By Storm

42% of businesses fail because they do not keep up with marketing trends. This industry has become more complex throughout the years. Google and social media algorithms are constantly changing to enhance user experience.

Businesses that adapt and innovate during these changes tend to thrive and succeed. However, those that can’t keep up will be left behind. Continue reading to learn five digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the game.

Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Video Marketing

One of the top trends in digital marketing is TikTok. These videos can quickly become viral, allowing businesses to reach thousands of users.

After TikTok’s popularity, Instagram began competing for video-related features. They offer reels in August 2020 in over 50 countries. Even Pinterest and LinkedIn are investing in video features.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Niche marketing focuses your efforts on a single product or service. This is to establish a better connection with your target audience. It allows you to pay careful attention to your audience’s demands and desires.

This helps establish authority and gain brand loyalty. With a smaller audience, you can concentrate more on the quality of your delivery. By establishing yourself as an expert, you can demand a higher price.

  1. Electronic Trade Platform

The best digital marketing top trends have to be in the eCommerce space. Retailers and product-based enterprises can profit from an online presence. By using these channels for exposure, store owners can leverage posts on social media. Instagram and Facebook create a seamless experience for online consumers.

  1. Mobile Device

To keep up with top digital marketing industry trends, you will need to know mobile marketing. Here are some mobile-based marketing modalities:

  • SMS In-app
  • Social media
  • Location-based
  • Proximity

61% of online transactions were completed on smartphones between 2018 and 2019. This represents an annual rise of more than 27%, which means mobile traffic exceeds 50% of all web traffic. Customers are adopting mobile devices to conduct product research and make online purchases.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, in-store transactions have decreased. This makes it critical to have not just an internet presence but also a mobile-friendly one. This means ensuring that your website is mobile-responsive.

  1. Automated Marketing

One of the best b2b digital marketing trends would have to be automation. HubSpot reported that firms that use automation saw a rise in quality leads. Providing an email sequence allows you to follow up with leads consistently.

You can send materials that add value, educate, or promote your products and services. For optimal results, you can get help from a lead generation agency. These agencies use advanced technologies to send personalized messages to get more leads.

Learn More About Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

From video marketing to lead generation, the sky’s the limit. There are various strategies to bring more visitors to your business. However, if we don’t keep up with the trends and changes, we will lose a lot of customers.

Because of the advancement in technology, marketing is not the same as it was before. Luckily, we have a lot of information and updates about this field. Check out our blog posts for more insights on digital marketing trends.