4 Ways To Distract Yourself From Current Events

Current events can be depressing to learn about and can often have adverse effects on your mental health. There is a lot going on in the world that is serious and sad, so even though it is good to keep up with the news, it is also important to take a break when you feel that it is starting to affect you negatively. If current events have you feeling down, here are 4 healthy ways to distract yourself. 

Distract Yourself From Current Events

Play An Instrument

Teaching yourself a new creative skill such as learning to play an instrument is a great way to distract yourself from just about anything negative in your life. Playing an instrument can be frustrating, but it takes up a lot of your attention which is a good thing if you are in need of a distraction. Buy a used piano or guitar and see how you like it! You may end up finding your new calling or passion.

Read A Book

Reading a good fiction novel that has nothing whatsoever to do with current events is another excellent way to distract yourself from bad news. Reading is inexpensive, portable, and doesn’t take up much time. Sometimes just 15 minutes a day is all you need for a little bit of an escape from reality. Ask friends for book recommendations or check online, and when purchasing a new book remember to support local independent bookstores. 

Make Something

Making something from scratch with your own two hands can be one of the most mentally fulfilling things you can do with your free time, and also serves as a great distraction when you need one. Try building something out of wood, knitting, or cooking a meal. Making anything is sure to boost your spirits and remind you that there is more to life than just falling down a rabbit hole of negative current events.

Experience Nature

Distract Yourself From Current Events

As long as human beings have existed, they have used nature as a way to disconnect from the pressures and stresses of life, and reconnect with themselves. This is still true now. No matter where you are, there is nature somewhere near you, so why not go out and experience it? Try going on a hike, a simple walk, or even camping. You will be surprised at how much some. Fresh air and beautiful views will boost your spirits and make you feel a lot better about whatever is going on in the world at the moment. 

Distracting yourself from current events is sometimes exactly what you need in order to recenter and take care of your personal mental health. Hopefully, you found this list helpful and are feeling excited to go out and find a new distraction!