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10Insta Downloader is a free video downloader for Instagram, which can be downloaded in MP4 format of any Instagram video or if the image with JPEG. The service is free of charge and we are always free to support our customers. 10Insta Instagram Video Converter is the easiest feature to use in any smartphone such as Windows, iOS, and Android. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the Instagram video or an image into the above URL area. The video or image is finally taken from the URL and the following download link is given.

10insta instagram downloader

10insta – Download & Save Instagram Photos, Videos, and Multiple Posts Feed

On Instagram, there are a lot of fun images and videos. We will present one option to you if you wish to download one of these videos or images. You can download any photo or video from Instagram with this Instagram Video Downloader. 

10insta – Instagram Downloader

You just have to copy the video or photo link, insert the link into the input box provided, and start the download with a single click. The download is done after a few seconds or minutes and you can take full advantage of the video or picture without any internet connection. you can save it locally. The service is totally free, so no expenses are incurred.

How Can You Save Instagram Video By Using The 10insta online Downloader?

On Instagram, you can find plenty of funny pictures and videos. We will present you with one choice if you want to download one of those images or videos. Provider 10insta offers you the service to download any Instagram video or picture. And to do this, it is just these basic steps that you must follow: 

  1. Go first to Instagram.com; find the video or picture you want to download on Instagram. 
  2. Copy the URL of the same video or picture on Instagram.
  3. Then go to the 10insta in DownloadGram10insta downloader-input box
  4. Paste the URL from Instagram10 insta online downloader
  5. Click on the Download button to video or picture from the URL you want.Download instagram photos using 10insta
  6. Then select and click on the download button as you want and it will download automatically from the platform to your local storage10insta free photos downloader

Your download will now be finished after a few seconds or minutes, and you can enjoy pictures or videos absolutely free and you can use it at any time without internet.

Features of our 10Insta free Downloader

  • Fast and safe
  • Free malware and viruses 
  • Unlimited to download 
  • No need to log in or create an account. One-click download 
  • Insta-downloading IGTV videos also
  • Download Instagram Stories. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope you find this piece of information helpful. We have found that being capable of saving videos and images from Instagram to be invaluable and free apps such as 10insta make life so much simpler. We recommend you start using 10insta immediately. if you have not started using 10insta use it free of charge. Instagram is one of our rapidly expanding social media platforms use it with 10insta and enjoy it, so you don’t want to go back.