What Are The Different Causes Of Back Pain?

Has your back been giving you a lot of trouble lately? 16 million adults experience chronic back pain. You might be one of them.

Have you ever considered why you are having back pain?

If so, we’ve got a complete guide here of the most common causes of back pain.

Different Causes Of Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain symptoms don’t just come out of nowhere. They are a sign your body is giving you that something is wrong.

Most of the time, people don’t realize what is wrong and they just continue living life.

Let’s talk about some of the kinds of back pain that could be happening to you.

Back Strain

A leading cause of back pain is strain. This can mean you strained your ligaments or caused a muscle spasm or tension.

Normally, this results from some sort of activity that caused the injury or strain. You could have lifted something up that was too heavy for your strength, or not picking it up properly.

Falling or making quick movements in sports can also cause this strain and it can be a long-term problem if not addressed.

Overuse of Back Muscles

Believe it or not, overusing certain muscles can be the cause of your back pain.

This could stem from a job that requires a lot of lifting or bending down. Those back muscles are continuously in use and strained for long periods of time.

This could even mean sitting in a certain position for a long time. Maybe you are a driver or sit at an office desk for most of the day. These fitted positions for long periods of time can result in pain.

If you have a job where you must be in one position for an extended time, try doing some stretches every now and then to move your body.

Different Causes Of Back Pain

Improper Posture

Improper posture can cause lots of health issues in the long run. Even though 47% of Americans aren’t concerned about their posture, you should be.

This common but bad habit strains the spine and breaks down its structure over time. This results in the chronic back pain you’ve been feeling.

This is why if you struggle with poor posture, it can be helpful to have accountability to keep your back straight.

Your pain will decrease because of this, and your spine will love you much more.


Unfortunately, a lot of back pain just has to do with aging. Muscles weaken over time and straining them becomes a lot easier.

On top of that, you may become diagnosed with different conditions such as arthritis. These kinds of conditions can increase your back pain.

Aging results in the type of back pain that can’t really be avoided. Even so, there are ways to help you live a better life with it.

How to Help Back Pain

Getting rid of back pain isn’t just an overnight fix; it can involve a lifestyle change. This can mean sleeping better, fixing your posture, emphasizing your self-care better, and watching your movements.

On a higher scale, sometimes it’s best to start seeking a pain management doctor to help you manage your pain. Back pain treatment could prove to be helpful if this is something you struggle with.

You don’t need to be crippled by the pain anymore.

Different Causes Of Back Pain

What Now?

Now it’s time to implement some of the strategies we’ve discussed and think about what could be the causes of back pain for you. Live your life to the fullest!

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