Loving Our Furry, Scaly, And Hairy Friends: A Guide To Humane Pest Control For Homeowners

No one wants to find pests of any kind in their home. Unwanted pests can cause a variety of problems, including health issues and structural damage. Removing pests from your home and preventing them from coming back is essential.

Although there are many different pest control services in your area, you want to take a different route. You’re looking for humane pest control. Rather than killing or harming these creatures, you’d rather remove them from your home and keep them out.

In the guide below, you’ll learn more about humane pest control for your home. Continue reading to get started.

Humane Pest Control for Homeowners

Pest Proof Your Home

One of the best methods of humane pest control is pest-proofing the home. How can you ensure no pests are able to enter your home in the first place? If there are any holes in your home’s structure, then you should have these sealed.

Sealing all openings will help keep pests out, but be sure it’s the right type of seal and not something they can chew through. You can also research different natural pest deterrents and use them around the interior and exterior of your home to repel certain pests.

Keep Pets Around

If you don’t already have a furry companion living in your home, then now might be a good time to consider one. Both cats and dogs make wonderful pest controllers. You will need to worry about an occasional capture here and there by your cat or dog, but for the most part, they’ll chase the pest away.

Use the Trap and Release Method

Another wonderful form of humane pest control is the trap and release method. Many humane pest control companies practice this method. Some companies like Animal Damage Control MN LLC will remove the critter from your home and relocate it to a safe place where it’s away from human civilization.

These traps will keep the critter enclosed without harming it. You can then release the critter somewhere away from your home. If you do this on your own, then be sure to release the animal at least 100 yards away from your home to prevent it from coming back.

Hire Humane Pest Control Services

Trying to remove pests in a humane way on your own might be difficult at times. For this reason, don’t hesitate to contact humane pest control services. These companies offer to remove pests from your home without killing or harming the creatures.

When you have the professionals handle the job for you, you can have peace of mind knowing it was done correctly.

Humane Pest Control for Homeowners

Is Humane Pest Control Right for You?

Is humane pest control the right option for your pest needs? Use the information listed above to help you determine if you could benefit from this type of pest control.

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