15 Things That Are More Important In A Relationship Than Physical Intimacy

15 Things That Are More Important In A Relationship Than Physical Intimacy

When was the last that you and your partner were intimate in your bedroom and had a fruitful conversation? If the latter happened a long time ago, your relationship is in danger. It is indeed a part of a relationship to have intimate moments, not just because it is important for the continuation of a species but also for pleasure. However, sooner or later, whether you like it or not, the relationship is going to end if sex is all you are focusing on.

A study in the Journal of Marriage and family suggests that sexual intimacy is topped by healthy communication when it comes to relationships that last longer with deep and strong feelings for each other.

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Dr. Seuss, the American author and cartoonist said, “you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”. So, if want you want to fall in love with their soul and not just their body, scroll down to find out what is more important than sex in a relationship!

#1 Mutual Respect

Respect is the greatest expression of love. First, find out the similarities and differences. Then, appreciate the similarities and respect the differences. If you don’t respect each other, the relationship will surely end, sooner or later.

#2 Effective Communication

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Communication is like oxygen to a relationship; without it, the relationship won’t last. Voice your opinions, express your feelings often, have a real conversation, and seek advice. It is only your partner to whom you can speak openly to, without having the burden of being judged.

Effective communication also includes listening attentively for what your partner has to say. If you want your relationship to last, both of you need to make an effort.

#3 Support Each Other

Even in the modern, technologically developed, complex society, stress is a given. Life is tough, but it gets tougher as the responsibilities increase. Be each other’s number one fans, and lend your helping hand whenever they need it. Both of you have roles as a mother and a father but don’t consider it an obstacle to share the roles and obligations. Occasionally, take over the kitchen, play with the kids, do the laundry, and manage bills.

Most importantly, don’t forget to complement one another no matter how small their efforts are. Giving compliments is much easier than you think, and you’ll get a plethora of opportunities to do so. Make sure not to miss them!

#4 Make Each Other Laugh

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This is a scientifically proven factor that guarantees a non-faltering relationship. In a study that examined the data of 15, 000 couples that were together for 30 years, it was found that making the other laugh results in lasting relationships. When your partner comes home after a stressful day at work, what could cheer them up better than a few hilarious jokes?

#5 Explore The Inexperienced

To keep your relationship interesting, always try something new both inside and outside a bedroom. Attempt new things and make sure the other has quality time with you.

#6 Cuddle More

Small things you do together often become the best memories. Don’t feel shy to be affectionate in public. Ignore the hate comments from strangers because it is more important for your partner to feel safe, protected, and warm with you.

#7 Make Friends With Their Friends

Don’t interrupt your partner’s plans with friends just because of the trigger of jealousy you feel inside. Try to become friends with his/her friends and join in with their plans. Believe it or not, it will make your relationship much easier.

#8 Trust And Be Loyal

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A relationship without trust is like a car without gas or a cell phone without service. You can stay in it, but it won’t take you anywhere. All you can do is play games. If they trust you, then that means they love you for who you are. Be loyal, prove him/her right, and don’t try to play detective.

#9 Forgive And Grow

No one is perfect; so everyone is vulnerable to mistakes. Forgive them. It will be an umbrella to your relationship in case of bad weather.
In return to forgiving, learn from your mistakes and vow to yourself to not do them again.

#10 Be Picky At Battles

Expressing your opinions is one thing and battling to make sure your opinion wins is another. It’s not healthy for a relationship. A harmonious and conflict-free environment is crucial for a healthy relationship, so think twice before you begin to argue about something.

#11 Become BBFs

Friends will come and go except for some. Friends will change but you’ll be there with your partner forever. So, become the best of friends and never let go. In addition to the intimate moments, do things that friends do.

#12 Remain Passionate

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Your relationship won’t be a smooth sail, so work out your problems. Passion will help you there.

#13 Exercise Together

Engaging in such day to day activities together will not only strengthen the bond between a couple, but it’ll also improve the health of both.

#14 Inquire About Each Other’s Day

Always have time to show your significant other how much you care!

#15 Finally, Love!

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Last but not least, the most important fact is loving each other. No matter to what lengths you explore in the bedroom, if the feelings for each other aren’t that strong, the urge to be together will ultimately go away with time. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Return love without a magnitude in the only direction you see!