Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit- What to Do at Home?

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit

COVID-19 Outbreak is a global threat which has caused countries to lockdown boarders every passing day. As with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic. So at a time, health is a risk in all sides, the biggest message to the people is to stay at home and concerns safety and also the safety of everyone you. So what is under Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit and what should you really do in the stay at home?

No Gym for a longer time, what is my option?

Over 170 countries around are now suffering from Coronavirus Pandemic and taking restrictions on country boundaries and usual orders to prevent the spread of this vast issue. If so, you must now be at home with no space for what you are used to do in everyday life before. For those who care about health and fitness, knowing no Gym for months is something that brings a big shock.

But do not worry, you can still stay healthy at the same time being safe. The instructions say concern well with restricted space and keep social distancing. But you can still try Home workouts under lockdown period too and decide to stay healthy. Here you are 5 do-not-miss workouts at home.

Jumping Jacks- Best Warm-ups

Jumping jacks



Sit-ups to strengthen the core


Bodyweight squats- Weightless Squats

Bodyweight squats

Single leg jumps to correct muscle imbalance

Single leg jumps

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit- How to protect yourself?

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit

As with the facts WHO so far examined and given out to the public, the new coronavirus has R0 (contagion metric) around 2 and 2.5. So this means an infected person can probably spread it on to more than two people easily. With that, we are highly encouraged on social distancing. And here we are picking some of the useful health directions Health Organizations request us to follow in order to make the world healthier.

  • Wash your hands every time possible and advice to use soap
  • Make sure you cover your face if you cough or sneeze. Or use a tissue and make sure you immediately dispose after use. If not cover your mouth and nose with your elbow to prevent it spread into others around
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Simply avoid touching your face
  • Clean surfaces and objects that you touch

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit


With notice of the spread of this COVID-19, social distancing is highly encouraged. Techniques are now taking place around the world. So it is like working from home instead of at the office, use e-learning instead of going to school, use contacts over smart devices rather than taking any physical contacts and so on.

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit

Symptoms of COVID-19

As with what WHO revealed out, there some symptoms to get to know that you have caught COVID-19 and it should take more consideration. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and fatigue. And for some patients, aches, and pains, sore throat, nasal congestion, a runny nose, or diarrhea could also come as symptoms.  And for elderly patients, the illnesses could develop into serious conditions. That because if elderly patients are already under high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and more.

Coronavirus Emergency Health Kit

We find many countries have dedicated hotlines set up to reach people who suspect they have been infected with COVID-19. So if you take the right instructions from Health organizations you can prevent yourself from getting infected. But make sure you are safe from misinformation circulating around the world. And if you find any symptoms related to Coronavirus, contact the nearest medical support.

And we hope you will be able to spend your lockdown period finely respecting local government decisions. Make sure you spend your time reading, watching your favorite movies,  make connections over smart devices and spend your self-quarantine effectively. And those who are feeling stressed, avoid watching news and COVID-19 related updated excessively as to the advice by WHO.