How Much Does A Plumber Earn In Australia?

How Much Does A Plumber Earn In Australia

If you look at any house or physical space as a person’s body, then its piping is like its veins and the water supply like its lifeblood. In case there are clogs in the piping of an establishment, it’s highly unlikely that it can provide a healthy space for people to live. So, it’s extremely imperative that the piping of any space, be it residential or commercial, is in proper condition. For this, the services of a plumber or plumbing companies hold great significance.

Since the demand for plumbing services is of perennial nature, many people have opted to pursue it as a profession. Many of those who possess the necessary plumbing skills have kick-started specialized plumbing services for both residential and commercial establishments. These specializations have been pursued especially after considering the lucrative prospects that the business holds.

If you are starting your independent plumbing services, then you should know that it involves some level of risk, just like any other business. Take, for example, you are offering your plumbing services to a client at their residence, during which, they suffer an injury by tripping on your equipment. There may also be an instance when you cause damage to their physical property while offering your service, something that may count as negligence on your part.

In such a situation, your client may initiate a legal action against you seeking compensation for the injury or damage. Such lawsuits can be extremely expensive for your business and you may land up losing a significant portion of your financial resources. To protect your plumbing business against such losses, you need to have a public liability insurance policy, which can cover your legal expenses and compensation costs. In fact, this policy is a must for self-employed professionals. To know more about it, check this article.

Typical job of a plumber

To be a reliable and successful plumber, you should be able to have good problem-solving skills. Your efficiency and promptness will shape the future of your plumbing business and how well you do in the market. Typical responsibilities of a plumber include the following:

  • Reading and understanding blueprints of both residential and commercial establishments to plan and assess plumbing layouts and installations.
  • Installing, repairing and maintaining plumbing fixtures and systems.
  • Welding, cutting and assembling tubes, pipes and other plumbing fixtures.
  • Inspecting and testing the functionality, safety and code compliance of plumbing systems.

For fulfilling the aforementioned responsibilities, you will probably have to undergo an apprenticeship or training program. After you gain expertise and experience, you can establish yourself as a pro in the domain.

Salary of plumbers in Australia

Given the many tasks and responsibilities that you will have to perform as a plumber, your pay scale will differ depending on the level of experience you possess. Your pay will also differ according to the Australian province in which you are offering your plumbing services. Different cities in Australia offer different wage rates to plumbers. It all depends on the kind of work you are required to do as per your job title.

Common job titles held by plumbers in Australia include the following:

  1. Maintenance plumber
  2. Roof plumber
  3. Fire protection plumber
  4. Gasfitter
  5. Drainer
  6. Civil or pipe layer plumber
  7. Community waste management plumber

On an average, a plumber makes about AUD$39.22 on an hourly basis in Australia.  In Sydney, the annual salary of an experienced maintenance plumber is somewhere between $70k-80k, while that of a fire protection plumber is $65k-80k.  If you are employed by a specialized plumbing company, you also get bonuses and profit-sharing in the range of AUD$201 to AUD$9,933 and about AUD$3,644 respectively.

In Melbourne, a roof plumber makes $40 per hour, a gasfitter makes $65k to $80k annually, a drainer makes $55k to $60k. In Adelaide, a community waste management plumber makes somewhere between $60k and $65k. In Perth (Western Australia), an apprentice roof plumber makes somewhere between $10k and $35k, while a gas fitter makes $25 to $40 per hour.

How Much Does A Plumber Earn In Australia


When you start your plumbing career as an apprentice, you are likely to be at the lower side of the wage spectrum. However, your earnings will eventually increase as you go ahead with your apprenticeship. Once you complete your apprenticeship and get a license, you will be eligible to earn the wage of a qualified plumber. The equation is simple: the more qualified and experienced you are, the more wages you earn, both hourly and annually. No matter what, plumbing in Australia is truly a lucrative career option because the sector has a good earning potential.


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